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Sell or Trade Your Hip Hop Magazines

I have implemented a buyback program with three options for selling us your hip hop magazines.

I have been buying, selling, and trading magazines for over 30 years and take pride in my reputation in the collecting community. I started this program because it is something that I wish I had to help me convert my duplicates into other magazines that I wanted.

There are a few things to take into consideration. Music magazines such as Rolling Stone will not be accepted unless a hip hop artists is on the cover. There are some titles that I have many duplicates and they will hold a lesser value such as XXL from the mid 2000's. Condition is also taken into consideration when making a quote on price.


Option 1 - Sell

Send a detailed list or photos of every issue you would like to trade in. No quantity is too small. Wait for a quote then proceed to ship it with tracking. Once the item(s) is received, items will be inspected and payment or credit will be sent.

You can take 50% of the quoted price in credit to buy other magazines or 25% in cash via Paypal or Venmo


Option 2 - Sell in Bulk

Sell in bulk.

Send us a total amount of magazines in shipment and get paid $2 per magazine or $3 in credit. Ship with tracking and payment will be made upon inspection.


Option 3 - Donate

Donate directly to Rapzines and I will cover the cost of shipping. This option will allow me to add new items to be archived, digitized, and preserved in the Rapzines archive.

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